Introducing the home business opportunity that provides Franchise level support and training!

Do you know how to overcome and conquer the top 3 reasons for business opportunity failure?

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School: The most advanced training in the industry.

Reality based training that eliminates the traditional sales process!

System: Step-by-step with multiple layers of support.

You are never alone and everything you need to succeed is all in one place!

Self: The final frontier for self-improvement.

This business is 100% personal development! Master the mind and master success!

You will be a success story with the Success Stories Group.

The success formula is simple: Success Story = School + System + Self!

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founded by Colter C. Brinkley, M.S.
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Business Opportunity more Lucrative than a Franchise!
Zurvita Top Income Earner Colter Brinkley!

Hello my name is Colter Brinkley and if you are honestly, seriously, looking for a business opportunity that actually works, then you are at the right Website. Imagine for a moment being in a home business that that provides training solutions for the top three reasons why many people fail in business opportunities.

Now add to this a comprehensive FREE training and support system that has made my team, the Success Stories Group, one of the fastest growing teams in the hottest Network Marketing company, Zurvita! Want proof that you will get the best leadership for success? Watch this video from the founders of Zurvita (Mark and Tracy Jarvis)...

Introducing the Zurvita Business Opportunity...

The Zurvita Business Opportunity Company Logo!

Again, if you are earnestly looking for a home business opportunity, then the Zurvita business opportunity is the answer. What is it in a business opportunity that you need to see to know that it is the right business opportunity for you?

Is it the: Product, Compensation Plan, Training, Support, Timing and/or Management? Pick a category! Pick all the categories! It does not matter, just give me a call. I will be able to prove that there is no other Network Marketing business opportunity that can compete with Zurvita in any of the categories!

I am not joking! If you really are serious about picking the best business opportunity, then invest serious time here at the Success Stories Group Website and then call the person thatninvited you to learn about the Zurvita business opportunity!

Introducing the Success Stories Group Support and Training System...

Success Stories Group founder, Colter Brinkley! The Success Stories Group is a comprehensive support program that developed as the result of my 35-year history as an avid Network Marketer, paid MLM Consultant and Seminar Trainer. By being in the trenches as a Networker, working as a Consultant and conducting hundreds of Network Marketing seminars, I learned three things...

First, Network Marketing is the only business opportunity model on the planet that allows anyone from any walk of life a realistic way to help improve their finances and family lifestyle at high speed and with no limits. Accordingly, I call Network Marketing the "Equalizer" because you can reverse failure or a lifetime of mistakes or misfortunes in just a few years if you are willing to work. Even if you have a great career or big bank account, you might do a hundred times better with Network Marketing if you are not afraid to work.

Second, and unfortunately, despite how amazing the Network Marketing business opportunity model truly is, most people will quit, fail or yield marginal results due to issues of self. It's what I call the "I-Factor" and is the biggest success obstacle for non-franchise business opportunities.

Finally, I found that the top two things that prospects and distributors want from any Network Marketing business opportunity is more training and a proven step-by-step support system that did not include the direct selling process.

As a result of these three key learning points, I began doing intense Graduate School level research and surveys at all my seminars. My homework paid-off as it confirmed what I had already learned. The true top three reasons why people fail in Network Marketing business opportunities are:

  1. Inadequate Self (Self)
  2. Inadequate Business Building Paths (System)
  3. Inadequate Training (School)

It was because of these three reasons that I decided to create the Success Stories Group!

Why the Sucess Stories Group?

Colter Brinkley's The Success Stories Group!Because everyone deserves to be a true Success Story! A Network Marketing business opportunity can be easy, fun and massively rewarding if you have the right Support System.

As I have always been passionate about distributor support and success, I devoted over ten-years and tons of money on how to overcome and conquer the top three reasons why people fail in Network Marketing business opportunities.

This ten-year process began with my experience as a Franchisor. I owned and operated a Franchise chain many years ago and was actually featured in "Success Magazine" for having a 98% closure rate. I know the Franchise business opportunity model inside and out!

I also knew that the Franchise business opportunity model enjoyed a 95% success rate and began analyzing why the success rate for Networking Marketing business opportunities was just the opposite. And then it hit me, the same three variables were involved: Self, School and System.

(System) The Franchise business opportunity model is all about compliance to a proven system that works. When you buy a Franchise you will follow the system or you will be terminated. In other words, no “Free Will”.  You trade your “Free Will” for a proven success formula. It’s a good deal if you can FLOW with it!

(School) In addition, the Franchisor provides highly organized business opportunity training to ensure that their new Franchisee will operate a profitable Franchise. They spare no expense when it comes to training and the development of the step-by-step Operations Manual.

Personal Development Training with Colter Brinkley's FLOW Training!

(Self) Do you know how the Franchisor deals with self? They don’t! They eliminate self in two ways…

First, they eliminate self by using psychological evaluations to eliminate those that don’t have the attributes for business and the compliance for the Franchise business opportunity model. If you are the creative or controller type, Franchising is not going to work for you.

Second, they eliminate self by removing your "Free Will". As I said, you will follow the Operations Manual (System) and Franchise agreement (Legal Contract) 100% or you will be terminated and lose your Franchise fee.

Anyone can afford to start a Network Marketing business opportunity and there is no screening process. Thus, anyone can sign-up, but it doesn’t mean that they are serious about it. Network Marketing always works if you work it like a Franchise. The true root cause for why people fail in Network Marketing business opportunities is “Free Will” or what I like to call "issues of self"! Let me prove how true this is!

(SSG School) Since I knew that 95% of the people who get involved in Network Marketing business opportunities don’t want to sell, I designed a reality based training program that taught people how to retail and recruit without selling. This training process is called the “(c) Interest Check System” and became an overnight success.

(SSG System) I also designed a step-by-step business building system that could give the Networker the success path found in the Franchise model. This business opportunity building system is called " (c) F.L.O.W." and stands for Follow Logical Operations Willingly! FLOW is the Operations Manual for the Success Stories Group!

It was designed so that even a shy librarian with no family, friends (people to prospect) or business experience could succeed. What more could a person want? Seriously! So I launched FLOW and people were succeeding. But some were not succeeding. I was confused and after much thought I figured it out.

I designed a fail-proof business-building vehicle, but who is driving the vehicle? Back to the drawing board I went. You can have a fail-proof business building system, but if the driver of the vehicle has fears, baggage and distractions, then they probably won't drive the vehicle very well.

(SSG Self) Thus, the birth of the "(C) Imutare Personal Development System". The Imutare Personal Development system is the only personal development system that is custom made for persons building a Network Marketing business opportunity. Imutare discloses the six reasons why most people fail in their business and personal life and then teaches an application (Action vs. Hype) process for scoring a major victory in all areas of life.

The perfect formula for success...

When you combine advanced business opportunity training with a Network Marketing business building system that offers a franchise success path; and a self-improvement application that corrects issues of self, winning is honestly, a true possibility if the builder does not quit, stays connected to the group and maintains initiative.

This powerful combination is called the "(c) 321 Success Formula" and is the reason why the Success Stories Group has always been a top consistent growing group within the Zurvita Network Marketing business opportunity.

You literally have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Enjoy this website and then get back with the person that invited you to preview the Zurvita business opportunity.



Colter Brinkley, M.S.
Founder Success Stories Group
Zurvita Crown Ambassador & MVP

Colter Brinkley, Zurvita Crown Ambssador!

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If it's meant to be, it's up to you...

*NOTE: Any income statements contained within this message demonstrate the range of earning achieved by top earners in our active sales force. Most Independent Consultants do not achieve these levels, so you should not consider these results a guarantee that you will achieve any specific earning level. Your earnings are dependent upon your own efforts and abilities. Actual earnings also depend upon the organization size that you build, the number of sales and override commission you earn and the efforts of your down line.

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