3 Unique Hemp Oil CBD Products!

Z-Blends Hemp Oil is 85% Bioavailable!

Zurvita Z-Blends Hemp Oil CBD products!

Natural Hemp Oil and: No THC, Non-GMO & CO2 processed!

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The New Zurvita ZBlends Hemp Oil CBD Products!

The Highest Quality Hemp Oil CBD Products on the Market Today...


What Makes ZBlends Better Than Other CBD Hemp Oil Products?

ZBlends Fact #1: Organically grown industrial hemp.

ZBlends hemp oil is made from organically grown industrial hemp which is typically cultivated for its seeds and fiber. This oil is referred to as Cannabinoid oil or CBD. Cannabinoids are safe and are found in foods like Black Pepper. Other foods include Flaxseed Oil and Cacao which is the main ingredient found in dark chocolate and mimic cannabinoid activity in the body.

ZBlends Fact #2: C02 Extraction Method.

ZBlends uses a CO2 extraction method which is the cleanest way to extract. Other methods use dangerous and toxic chemicals for extraction. The CO2 extraction method removes compounds like THC to produce a pure cannabinoid isolate hemp oil.

ZBlends Fact #3: Nano Emulsion Advanced Technology (NEAT).

Then a special process is enacted called Nano Emulsion Advanced Technology (NEAT). This process shrinks all the ingredients and stabilizes them at the molecular level. Other products using a similar sublingual method only have a 30% absorption rate. This is a huge difference and a major selling point for the ZBlends Hemp Oil products.

ZBlends uses a patented ingredient to stabilize the nanofication of ZBlends Hemp. Without this patented stabilization, the product would "reconjugate" and go back to its original, larger size and will significantly reduce its bioavailability and effectiveness. A nanofied product will look cloudy/milky. This is evidence of its nanofication. If a product is "clear" it is NOT nanofied. It may have been at one time, but it has reconjugated and its bioavailability has been compromised.

ZBlends Fact #4: Repeatedly sonicated for maximum absorbtion.

ZBlends hemp oil is then repeatedly sonicated. Sonication breaks down the oil particles so small that they can be absorbed directly into the blood stream and cells. This process allows for a sublingual delivery method that bypasses the liver, the brain barrier and even the cell walls. This allows for the most effective delivery method and an 85% absorption rate.

ZBlends Fact #5: Processed in a GMP facility and Non-GMO.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) provides a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label. ZBlends is a plant based solution to fight stress. ZBlends comes in 3 pharmaceutical grade products.

Zurvita ZBlends Product Options and Pricing...

Zurvita ZBlends Hemp Oil CBD prices.


Zurvita ZBlends Hemp Oil CBD Frequently Asked Questions...

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